M-K-T-S (Moe Kim Textile Studio) is a textile studio based in the Hague, Netherlands.
Our main focus is on textile design for interior, upholstery or decoration.
We are very open to projects, collaborations and exposing opportunities!

Kvk number – 75897652

Moe Kim is a textile designer who is born in Seoul, South Korea(1993), Studied Textile Design (BA) and graduated in 2019 at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, Netherlands.
Her specialisation is in weaving technique, yet her design practice could express by a various different technique such as Hand Tufing, Knitting, printing or embroidery. She likes to experiment with new material to create unique fabric within the aesthetic. That does not only focus on its innovative function but to aim for both  to find a balance in the technology and the design features.
The inspirations comes from current social issues, personal background or cultural experience.
“I take a design concept from the interpretation of personal daily fascination. Moreover, the making in wonder step is how I begin with the creative process, by experimenting with a tangible element to play and then structure it from the outcomes which are indeed taking a significant role in the final decision.”


2013-2019 Textile Design (BA); Textile and Fashion department; Royal Academy of Art The Hague, Netherlands


2020 - present Textile instructor Willem de Kooning Academie Wijnhaven 61 , 3000BG Rotterdam
2020, 2019 Design assistance Heim Textile Helene Dashorst and Eugene Van Veldhoven design booth Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt, Germany
2019-2020 Textile Designer part time Helene Dashorst Textile Design Onderlangs 36-F, 1097 ZK Amsterdam
2019 Internship Helene Dashorst Textile Design Onderlangs 36-F, 1097 ZK Amsterdam
2017 Craft Council Craft summer campus Koningin Wilhelminalaan 24 8384 GH Wilhelminaoord


English(Fluent); Korean(Native); Italian(Beginner); Dutch(Beginner)

Adobe programs
Adobe Photoshop; Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Indesign

Other Programs
Designaknitt; PointCarre; Arduino CC

Textile Skills

Digital sublimation printing
Silkscreen printing
Laser cutting
Laser engraving
Coldwater dyes
Machine knitting
(Brother machine, Silvereed machine)
Computer knitting
(Designaknitt program)
(Dobby loom, countermarch loom)
Computer weaving
Studio Photography
Greenscreen video setting
Traditional Drawing techniques
Enthusiastic for learning new skills

Selected Exhibitions

2020 'Harmonized' group exhibition, The Embassy of the Republic of Korea x Pak Yon Foundation Grote Kerk, De Rijp
2020 '2xL' exhibition, Pulchri Studio Lange Voorhout 15, 2514 EA Den Haag
2020 'Inter-action' exposition, west end projekt De spanjaardshof, Westeinde 58, 2512 HE Den Haag
2020 Rotterdam art week, Object 2020 HAKA building, Vierhavensstraat 38-42, Rotterdam
2019- 2020 'Licht' exposition, Galerie Pouloeff Turfpoortstraat 36-A, 1411 EG Naarden
2019 'Wall of future' exposition, Galerie Zône Nieuwstraat 17B, 2312 KA Leiden
2019 Haagse Kunst Kring, On Your Own Denneweg 64, 2514 CJ, Den Haag
2019 Dutch Design Week, How&Wow Craft Council VEEM, Floor 2, Torenallee 80, Eindhoven
2019 Korean Embassy National Day exposition
2019 Graduation Festival Prinsessegracht 4, 2514 AN Den Haag
2019 Graduation exhibition, Billy town Helena van Doeverenplantsoen 3, 2512 ZB Den Haag


2020 Stroom Aanmoedigingsprijs (Encouragement Award) Judge member
2019 Stroom Aanmoedigingsprijs (Encouragement Award)