Project 2xL presents hand-woven textiles; each piece represents Moe Kim’s interpretation of her life phases. The research is based on ( the two diferent points symbolic meaning and metaphors in the evolution of light and) Erik Erikson’s life cycle theory intertwines with Sigmund Freud’s ego theory; Both rely heavily on an individual’s external infuences that shape one’s personality and identity. Applying the psychoanalytic aspect to the woven textile create its own character. Use of non-conventional material to create a contrast to the traditional weaving technique describe her unique signature. Series of the connecting low tech material into her weaves approaches new possibilities suggesting new textile to the audience.

Usage of EL wire on the Arduino board (EL Escudo-dos, EL sequencer) together with the Sound sensor or Accelerometer sensor creates an opportunity to interact with the audience. and it suggests to emotionally understand the character of each phase of life.