Exaggeration form in 2050, only 20% of the population rules the world, and the other 80% are ruled by the 20% and got infected by the ‘HIKI80%TATION’ virus which is manipulated by 20% elite group. Due to the lack of natural resources, the 20% elite group invented the virtual reality virus. The symptoms show a lot of similarities to what the ‘Hikikomori’ people do. Once a person catches this virus, they daydream all day long with a powerless body, mutating with the garbage yard where they live; a slow but steady process. Cocoon-iron structure, outside-knitted pannel, ornamented with crochet, woven piece, embroidered latex, stitches and hand-tufted fringes, inside-tufted pannel. Out layer- sublimated print on polyester fabric attached on polyfoam. Slip dress-embroidered.